HHP: Massage Therapist

Clinical Nutritionist 

Yoga & Somatic Movement Therapist & Teacher

                   Vanessa has been a natural health practitioner (HHP) for over 20 years. After studying languages and writing at Franklin University in Switzerland and The University of Arizona, she moved to San Diego to study fitness, nutrition, and bodywork at ISOHA, NHI, and Mueller. She was a personal trainer, nutritionist, and CNA for six years before focusing her practice on preventative and restorative bodywork. She recently finished a degree in Visual Arts at SUNY, concentrating on art therapy, to help clients restore their mind/body connection. 

Her unique massage style is a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Zen Shiatsu, Trager, Thai Sports Stretch, Meridian Therapy, Chinese Cranial Sacral, Lomi Lomi, & creative visualization to calm and restore body & mind without pain during or after the session.  

Vanessa has studied and practiced in Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, London, Montreal, and Berlin and currently offers health and nutrition consultations remotely while she is traveling abroad for work. Please email for more information and a free initial consultation to determine your specific health needs or to book a custom  session

Let's work together to help you feel your absolute best!



It's a brand new day to start feeling amazing! Are you ready to clear out old pain patterns and let go of neck and back tension? Does your neck hurt or your body need to be stretched out? My bodywork sessions begin with gently calming the nervous system and refocusing the mind to allow for deep but pain-free muscle work and body repatterning.


I am offering the following specials and packages to get you started on the path to feeling fantastic now! Please email me for more information on remote Body Mind Meditation Sessions, Nutritional Counseling, or Health Coaching.




Need whole body relaxation and a braincation? Calm the nervous system, relax and recover muscles, refocus the mind and let go of old patterns of holding stress in the body. A 3 Wave Session combines Chinese Cranial Sacral Therapy, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Zen Shiatsu, and meditation with essential oils to deeply and gently relax and recover fatigued muscles and an overworked adrenal system. 

90 Minute Session $120. Package Special of 3 90 Minute Sessions with Aromatherapy $275. 


Working out too hard? Are you sore or losing flexibility? Passive assisted Athletic PNF Stretching, Trager, and Somatic Movement Therapy increase range of motion and flexibility. Deep, immediately effective work. Excellent for runners, dancers, climbers and anyone recovering from an injury or time off exercise. 60 Minute Session $75 (25 off).  Package special 4 sessions including Nutritional Consultation $275.  Add Deep Tissue massage for a 90 minute sports rejuvenation session $120. 


Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, sad, depressed or tired all the time? Are you achy all over or do you have chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain? If your body and mind are feeling disconnected after a difficult time in your life then consider a Body Mind Renew session. After a complimentary phone consultation to determine if I can help you then we work together to uncover blockages and patterns in your body and mind that have stopped you from becoming your best, happiest self.  Herbal recommendations and adjunct therapies will be discussed after the session to maximize long term benefits.

Body Mind sessions can be done remotely, in the studio, or as part of a walking meditation. Fall Special: First 60 minute health consultation $75. 90 Minute session $150. Package special 4 sessions including Nutrition & Herbal Consultation and Plan $350. 


Exhausted but sleep doesn't help? Chinese bodywork addresses adrenal deficiencies, lymphatic work helps detox the body, yoga and Thai stretch stimulate acupressure points. Excellent after chronic periods of overworking, stress or grief. 60 Minute Session $75. Package Special of 4 sessions including aromatherapy $275 (reg price 320).