We have over 30 100% pure organic essential oils by Wyndmere. Please call or email us to inquire about a particular oil.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated extracts from the aromatic parts of herbs, flowers, trees & grasses. They are used in treating a host of illnesses including cuts, toothache, hair loss, digestive disturbances, headache & colds.

These powerful oils effect the body via the blood supply & olfactory nerve pathways to the brain. Their fragrances are absorbed through the blood from the sinuses into the central glands of the brain which control emotional, neurological, and immunological functions therefore influencing mind, body & spirit.

We carry the Wyndmere line, a 100% pure, therapeutic grade level of essential oils. They are a member of The Aromatherapy Trade Council, British Essential Oils Association and the Soil Association. All of the oils wild-crafted and pesticide free and certain oils are organic (USDA approved).


The use of herbs is one of the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The word “herb” is a bit misleading as more than herbs are used in Chinese herbal formulas. Other substances include bark, flowers, seeds, spices, minerals, shells and fungi. At Sage we do not use any endangered animal products in our formulas. Please call or email for an herbal consultation or information.




Taking Chinese Herbs raw is the most effective and potent way to take herbs. In acute situations, raw herbs are the best form of treatment. However, raw herbs have a downside. Using raw preparations requires decocting the herbs for more than 2 hours a day for the length of your prescription & many people complain that the decocting process makes their house smell. 


Due to the obvious issues with taking raw herbs, many people opt to take herbs in a granular or tablet form. Granules are raw herbs that have been decocted and ground down into a powder. They are nearly as potent as raw herbs but do not involve the preparatory work. You simply put the recommended dose in hot water & drink as a tea.


Tablets & Tinctures are two of the easiest ways to take Chinese Herbs. The tablets are similar in size and shape to what you see in most vitamins & supplements. Their mild flavor can be ignored by plugging your nose when you ingest them. Tablets are not as potent as raw or granular herbs, therefore you have to take 4-12 tablets a day. 

Tinctures are herbs that have been diluted in alcohol. They are also very easy to take. Most pediatric formulas are given in tincture form because the tincture can be diluted in water or juice. Both tablets & tinctures are an excellent option for long-time care.


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Therapy Pure Essential CBD Oils

Therapy Pure Hemp Oils are derived from 100% organic hemp grown in Coloado by U.S. farmers growing under the protection of the 2014 farm bill and their state regulations. Partnering with these Domestic farmers we can attest to the quality and care that goes into all of our hemp-sourced derivatives.

All Hemps infused into our products are over 99.7% pure, validated by Certificates of Analysis.

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