The use of herbs is one of the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The word “herb” is a bit misleading as more than herbs are used in Chinese Herbal Formulas. Other substances include bark, flowers, seeds, spices, minerals, shells and fungi. At Sage we do not use any endangered animal products in our formulas.

The use of herbs for healing dates back as far as 500BC. The most renowned of the early medicine men was a gentleman named Bian Que from what is now Renqiu in Hebei province. Herbal medicine has endured several thousand years through the basic assumption that the human body and nature are in tune with one another. Illness is the result of an imbalance either within oneself or between oneself and nature. Herbal medicine can help regain harmony and balance within the body.

Each herbal formula is derived by a thorough evaluation of the patient including a full health history, tongue and pulse diagnosis. The practitioner can then choose from hundreds of ancient and classical formulas or, if need be, we can create a custom formula based on the patient’s specific pattern diagnosis.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is gaining popularity in the western world for three reasons: In most cases, it works. It is also far less expensive which makes it available to a much larger group of people. Finally, there are almost none or at least very few known side effects with herbs or between herbs and pharmaceutical drugs. 

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