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4469 Morrell Street,

San Diego, CA 92109


Mon / Tue / Thur / Fri  10am - 6pm

Sat    11am - 3pm

Sun & Wed   Closed

PHONE: 858.272.7330
EMAIL:   sagetcm@gmail.com

Treatments are by appointment only. If you need emergency treatment call & I'll do my best to see you. Remote consultations available for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Health Coaching services. Please call to inquire. 


For nearly 10 years, Sage Wellness has worked with multiple insurance companies because we thought it would be beneficial to the wellbeing of our patients.  When we initially started with insurance there were growing pains but we worked through them and the few people that had exclusive enough plans to cover what is considered “alternative/experimental” medicine was processed and did pay.  Although, the pay was lower than market value and the process was long and tedious.  Now that health insurance isn’t only for those fortunate enough to be able to afford it, the environment around how insurance works and what they will cover has changed.  Over the past year it has become more and more difficult to keep up with the changing fee schedules and coverage options for our patients.  We don’t want to have to create a separate legal and billing department to deal with insurance companies because it would mean having to raise the costs of treatments substantially.  Therefore, until the insurance companies become consistent and easier to work with, we will no longer be working with insurance companies.  We will do our best to accommodate your financial situation by keeping our prices low.

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