We have assembled an amazing team here at the Sage Wellness Center, and we trust you will find just the right connection and treatment you are looking for.  From Massage Therapy, Nutritional Consultations, Acupuncture, and even Guided Meditations.  There truly is something for everyone.

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Elaine is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and St John's College in Maryland. Elaine merges Western medicine with Eastern philosophy.
Her structured and balanced process using acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, and nutritional counseling, combined with her skills attained as an orthopedic and emergency technician provides her patients the well rounded approach they need to achieve homeostasis.
Elaine is a triathlete and swims miles every week.

Ten plus years of experience in clinical and community nutrition with emphasis on integrative and functional nutrition diagnostics and food-based intervention • Support for chronic inflammatory conditions, gut health, and digestive wellness • Committed to providing functional nutrition therapy to identify and treat root causes of disease and restore health.
Melissa Conboy CMT
Melissa has dedicated over 12 years to hands-on service. Having studied multiple modalities in the bodywork arts, she creatively applies techniques using a customized approach. Her background and Education covers a wide variety of massage techniques. Melissa's intention is to provide pain reduction, a sense of relief from the build-up of tension in the body and mind and a space for healing and nurturing.
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